How to pick the right car dealership

Many of us search for the car that satisfies our needs, when in reality it is far more important to pick the right car dealership that we can depend on.

It’s Not the Car, It’s the Dealership

One mistake many of us make is searching for the car that satisfies our needs when — in reality — it is far more important to find the dealership that we can depend on. While buying the car of your dreams is always a fantastic feeling, the real question is whether or not the car dealership you purchased it from can — and more importantly, will — get you back on the road quickly and with minimal costs.

There are three things you need to look for in a dealership before you give them your hard earned money: warranty and guarantee policies, an auto shop, and proven dependability

Warranty and Guarantee Policies

  • If you buy a new car, the vehicle will almost always come with a warranty and guarantees and those generally come from the factory. However, when you buy a used car there isn’t always a warranty nor guarantee policies. For used cars, you need warranties and guarantees from the dealership.


  • In other words, you want a dealership that will promise you that if the vehicle breaks down within X number of miles or months, they will not only repair it, they will cover the costs. These types of promises aren’t always easy to find — particularly if the car isn’t a new-used vehicle, — but you should do your best to find a dealership that is just as worried about selling you a lemon as you are worried about buying one.

Auto (Mechanic) Shop

  • One of the biggest mistakes some of us make is buying a vehicle from a dealership that doesn’t have its own mechanic shop. Even if the dealership promises to repair any breakdowns that occur within the next two months, if the dealership doesn’t have its own mechanic shop, you are going to run into a litany of problems if your vehicle breaks down.


  • For one, they will have to send your car off to another mechanic which means it will take even longer for you to get back on the road. Secondly, if another mechanic is doing the repairs, there is no guarantee that you will not end up accruing odd costs that aren’t covered by the warranty. The reason being, if the dealership doesn’t have a mechanic shop, they won’t know what’s wrong with it until it’s in the hands of the other mechanic.


  • If it turns out the problem isn’t covered by the warranty, you’re going to end up paying their mechanic his rates to work on your vehicle when it’s possible you could have found a different mechanic to do the work for a much cheaper price.


  • A dealership without its own shop isn’t worth dealing with, no matter what guarantees and warranties they give you.

Proven Dependability

  • Don’t be the first guy to make a purchase from a new dealership. In fact, don’t be one of the first 100. Purchase your vehicle from a dealership that has years of experience and has built a solid reputation within the community. Dealerships that don’t meet their obligations generally go out of business quickly.