5 ways to maintain your cars value

It’s important to try and maintain the value in a car you own as much as possible, as it is a large investment that you are driving around on a regular basis.

Getting the Most Out of Your Vehicle

You have probably heard the old saying that a new car loses its value the moment you drive it off the lot. Which is technically true, though anyone driving new cars off a dealership lot and then trying to immediately sell them for a profit is a little silly.

That being said it is important to try and maintain the value in a car you own as much as possible, as it is a large investment that you are driving around on a regular basis. The reason is, you will not be driving that car forever and will one day have to sell it, either for another car or some extra money.

Maintain Your Car’s Value

You want this to be as much as possible, at least in theory. Below are 5 of the best ways to maintain your car’s value so that it benefits you the most when you sell it.

  1. Get the Oil Changed Regularly – Getting the oil changed on a regular basis is one of the most important aspects of improving the life of a car. This will keep the car’s engine from breaking down, as well as other important mechanical components within the car itself from malfunctioning.Part of oil changes includes flushing other lines and replacing other fluids, as this is basically the life blood of an automobile. Best of all, by doing this on a regular basis, there will be records that show in a Carfax report, which will show others out there you have taken good car of the vehicle. Most new cars should have their oil changed every 5,000 miles, regardless of what a dealership tells you.
  2. Wash the Car Regularly – The exterior appearance of a car effects the value, as well and allowing the car to get dirty and stay dirty causes the paint to corrode, chip and lead to rust. This means that you should wash the car on a regular basis and occasionally have it detailed, to preserve its outward appearance.
  3. Drive Less if Possible – If you don’t need to drive a few blocks to do something in your neighborhood, don’t. It’s better to walk or bike if you can anyway, as you get exercise and save money on gas. Any miles you can save on your car’s odometer will ultimately improve its value in the marketplace. So consider setting up a carpool to and from work.
  4. Add Small Luxuries – Getting a new sound system in a car or small details in the paint job can also improve a car’s value for resale later on. This makes driving the car much more enjoyable to certain people and allows it to be worth more in the marketplace.
  5. Clean the Interior – Keep trash and other large amounts of dirt out of your car, as this will grind into the floor mats and seats and cause small amounts of damage in the car itself. This is something you will want to do on top of cleaning the car’s exterior.

Your Efforts Will Be Rewarded

Maintaining your cars appearance and mechanical function can lead to greater resale value when you do pass it on to the next owner. So follow these tips and keep up on the maintenance of your vehicle for the long run. You will reap the rewards when it’s time to sell.